Malotha, it is said, was a plague victim in the times after the Frosts first fell. The disease had torn through her settlement and with no gods to protect the souls of her family they had all risen as undead. She was the final survivor in her community, completely surrounded by undead horrors and diseased corpses. She wanted only to keep safe the souls of her family and friends and in her delirium a primal spirit of destruction heard her pleas. It agreed to protect the souls of her loved ones if she became its host and helped it spread its destruction across the world. She agreed in order to keep her loved ones safe, not knowing that doing so meant they would be trapped forever in their decaying bodies. Now she travels with her entire retinue of undead loved ones, claiming the souls of the deceased and spreading waste, and destruction in her wake.

Malotha’s Holy Symbol is: Two sickles in front of a realistic heart

Malotha’s Domains are: Chaos, Death, and Destruction

Malotha’s Favorite Weapon is: Dual-wielded sickles

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