Foron's "male" mecha companion


Zanorin’s origins are vastly unknown. Foron found him among a neanderthal camp during one of his early raids and installed him in the CR1CK37 chassis that he had been repairing.

As a result Zanorin views Foron as a rescuer, a creator, and generally as a friend. He has shared what he remembers of his time before occupying the CR1CK37 chassis, but his memory core suffered significant damage at the hands of the neanderthals who were using his unit as the head of a war club.

He is convinced that his AI once occupied one of the human merchant vessels. He does not know exactly what his functions were at that time, and many of his files remain locked, but he fulfills his primary function efficiently and well.

Once Foron installed him in the CR1CK37 he quickly adapted to the body and the crossbow that is installed in his undercarriage. He does not consider himself much of a warrior, but as long as he can attack form a distance he is comfortable providing cover fire for Foron.


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