Wrap up of the first adventure

Galvin skillfully hacked his way into the bunker’s door, forcing it to open wide enough to let him slip through. After several minutes checking unadorned hallways, he realized he was being watched. It took him only a moment to hack into the bunker’s defenses and turn off the security guard-bots that were sure to be alerted to his presence, and only a moment longer to access the bunker’s camera network. He quickly scanned all the video feeds and discovered a girl surrounded by the guard bots he had just deactivated. He also found an area of the bunker that was off limits, even to the high clearance he had granted himself. Proceeding on his way, he discovered that the young girl had narrowly survived her family’s attempt to break into the bunker. He quickly sent the girl upstairs to Gal along with a mysterious box she refused to allow out of her presence. He quickly searched the girl’s parents for anything of value and scavenged several electronic components from the guards.

He then proceeded toward the closed section of the bunker, and hacked the systems of that door, as well. While hacking the door, he also disabled the security guard-bots in this section and noticed that there were several tubes of green fluid in a large room at the end of the hall. He began investigating the corridor and found several shoddy reproductions of drow weapons, and enough spare parts to rig up a manipulator arm for Gal and a trailer sled for her. Loading everything on the sled he investigated the room with the green tubes. However, upon arriving there he discovered that the fluid had been drained from the tubes and an entire army of drow warriors was awakening from their long slumber… and they are not happy.

He grabbed his sled and quickly made his way back up the stairs, just as the first drow was breaking loose from the tube that confined him. At the top of the stairs he met a Spirit Swarm which attempted to hack into his spirit and add him to its swirl. However he easily overcame it and dropped his sled on the advancing drow to slow them. Checking around him, he decided to hack the Spirit Swarm and force it to hold the stairs while he made his retreat back to Galanodel and the girl.

Once making the exit he realized he would not have room to transport the girl without clearing out his storage area and putting her in there. He quickly repacked his gear and put her in the trunk so they could make their escape from the Drow and find shelter before an oncoming storm broke.

They rode deeper into the city and eventually found an old furniture store where they decided to make camp for a few days and figure out their next move.

The setup

Galvin maneuvered “Gal”through the rubble and ruin of what must have once been a great and shining city. Checking her HUD Galvin thought he saw a face looking back at him for just a moment “A reflection” he thought checking the map again.

“That dwarf better not have been lying about this bunker.” he said, irritably. He had been sitting in Gal’s cramped cockpit for almost twelve hours before they even arrived in the city and he was more than ready to get out and stretch his legs.

“I’m sure he was,” Gal’s voice purred from his headset. “I remember this city from before.”

Gal never said much about “before” but Galvin knew when she used that tone it meant before the fall. Just then, the bunker in question loomed before them, squatting in the snow.

“Well, for both our sakes he’d better be right about what’s inside,” Galvin told her as he slowed the walking mech to a stop. “We really need this score if I’m going to get you outfitted with any armor or weapons, and you know we need those if we’re ever going to make it to Andurel.”

“I don’t understand why you want to go to the Elf city, anyway. It’s just a myth. Nobody’s ever been there, or even seen it.” Gal replied.

“Look, I don’t want to argue. Can you just pop the rear hatch so I can get my gear and get us out of here?” Galvin asked.

“I can definitely get behind that. This place gives me the creeps,” Gal answered, opening the hatch in question.

“I hear you,” Galvin told her, “Listen, stay on your guard and let me know if anything strange happens.”

With that he hopped out of the cockpit into knee deep snow and pulled his Spirit-Pad from the hatch. Slipping it in his pack he trudged up to the barred doors and began prying open the access hatch.


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